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Gent’s Factory, Leicester Road and New Road, Kibworth

Gents Factory, Leicester Road andNew Road, Kibworth


Gents & Company Limited was established in Leicester in 1872 by John Thomas Gent and for over a century was a major manufacturer of electrical equipment. The Company was renowned for its electric clocks displayed on public buildings and

railway stations all over the world and also made telephones, alarm systems, bells, transformers, signalling and recording equipment, as along with many other items. Their manufacturing base was the Faraday Works, Temple Road, Leicester.

During World War ll the Company manufactured electrical parts for aircraft communications, radar, U-boat detection, clocks for shipping, and air-raid sirens.

In 1946 Gents opened a workshop on the A6 Leicester Road, Kibworth Harcourt opposite the long gone Foxhound Inn to produce a new small domestic bell. Production at the workshop continued through the next decade

Due to structural problems at the Leicester Road workshop a new factory was built on New Road Kibworth Beauchamp opposite the Kibworth Gas Works. This factory was opened on 1st April 1961 and by the following year the workforce had increased to 50 and the factory was manufacturing, among other items, fire detection alarms. Production continued over the next two decades however in 1981 the company was sold to Chloride and became known as Chloride Gent. The following year Chloride sold Chloride Gent to the MK Electrical Group. The company was then called Gent Limited and later that year the employees were informed that due to the continuing trade recession the Kibworth factory would have to close.

Following the closure of the Kibworth Factory only a few jobs remained at the Leicester works however Gent Limited continued production of fire alarms. In 1993, the company was acquired by Caradon/Novar and in 2005 it was taken over by Honeywell. The company now known AS Honeywell Gent is based on the Hamilton Industrial Park, Leicester and production is mostly involved with fire detection and alarm systems.

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